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History is the actual drama of actual men who are no more.

Review Questions

Vocabularymanoeuvre, consternation, propaganda, demise, imperishable, phantasm, muted, grendier, feint, battery, spike.

1. Churchill asked the obvious question. What was it?

2. Caution in a military leader is an important quality, but it does not always receive the recognition it should. Why?

3. Suggest several reasons why the citizens of Upper Canada did not like Sheaffe?

4. Describe what you think Sheaffe's feelings must have been immediately after his victory at Queenston and then later.

5. Explain: (a) classic ground; (b) consternation of his colleagues; (c) stifled celebration; (d) forgone the triumph; (e) was never in the running; (f) amended this omission; (g) akin to cowardice; (h) lost in a veil of tears; (i) a melancholy mood pervaded the province; (j) to the consternation of his colleagues.

6. Write a brief epitaph for Sheaffe.

7. How do you explain Britain's recognition of Sheaffe in light of Canada's rejection of him?

8. Explain: "A leader's charismatic power is not mere phantasm."

9. The part played by the Aboriginal warriors was called 'incalculable.' What does this mean and why was it so?

10. What motivated the men to fight more fiercely?

11.What arguments did the American leaders use to convince the New York militia to cross the river and enter the fray?

" Sheaffe was always eclipsed by Brock." Was this fair in your estimation?


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