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History is the truthful reconstruction of the past.

Review Questions

drumfire, reprehensible, convalescence, impeachers, apathy, fiascoes, mayhem, subterraneous, debarkation, pandemonium, destitute, marauding, lamentations, plunder, wanton, mortification, mutilated, pillage, plunder, amok, wreaking, intimidated, vulnerable, paroled.

1. Explain: "Sleep in the arms of victory."
2. What do you think was the most significant consequence of the capture of York?
3. In a paragraph or two write a vivid description of the explosion and its aftermath leaving York residents 'standing in the street like a parcel of sheep.'
4. In your opinion was John Strachan wrong or right to lie about the exploding magazine? Justify your answer.
5. Do you think Sheaffe's hssty departure from York 'wise or wimpish'? Justify your answer.
6. Explain: (a) a uniform that would not have shamed Napoleon; (b) wanton destruction; (c) much to my mortification; (d) presaged future and greater victories; (e) universal reproach; (f) a monument to the Gothic ferocity of our enemies; (g) the most clamorous of the impeachers; (h) moved with one pace on one path; (i) a drumfire of debate; (j) decimated men and their morale.
7. How did Sheaffe's supporters explain away criticism of him and his actions?
8. Why would Sheaffe's departure be greeted with "a chorus of lamentations"?
9. "When you cry havoc and loose the dogs of war" pillaging and plundering are common practices. (a) Name ane explain this figure of speech. (b) What does this tell you about discipline in those days?. (c) What prevented such vandalism?

10. Explain: it was cheaper "to levy a recruit than to cure a soldier."


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