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History is the imaginative reconstruction of the past which must always aim at the truth.

Review Questions

stocks, pungent, rates, stagnation, riggers, cordage, forest primeval, prefabricate, domination, broadside, ascendancy, draught, counterparts, beachhead, benevolent, forerunners, lanyard, vulnerable, spars, lanyards, deadeyes.
1. With reference to the map explain why it was critical for Britain to retain control of both Lake Erie and Ontario, but particularly Lake Ontario.

2. The contest for the lakes was a ship-building battle. Why?
3. Explain: (a) Chauncey kept a low profile; (b) the frigate was the 'eyes of the fleet'; (c) the 'thrill of life along her keel'; (d) go down the ways; (e) greyhounds of the sea; (f) the pattern and pace of the ship-building war; (g) overloaded with booty; (h) violated terms of capitulation; (i) stagnation of every exertion in the progress of the work; (j) contained the seeds of their own destruction (k) consumption of timber was prodigious.
4. (a) How did a ship of the line get its name. (b) Why do they sail as they do?
5. Why did the Americans choose to attack York rather than Kingston?
6. Britain's military might was bought at a much greater price than that of the United States. Why?
7. In light of your answer to question 5, describe the most sensible strategy for the Americans to have shortened and won the war?
8.(a) Who was Psyche? (b) Explain why Psyche would be a good name for a ship.
9. Ask and answer two questions regarding sailing ships in time of war.
10 Select five nautical terms in the narrative and give their meaning.
11. (a) What caused"stagnation to every exertion in the progress of the work." (b) Why?
12. How do you explain the presence of spies in York who would betray their country?
13. Some believe Sheaffe made a strategic withdrawal? 14. Why do you think the Duke of Wellington thought mastery of the lakes was so important?br 15. Research Lord Horatio Nelson and in a paragraph of no more than eight sentences explain why he was so famous.


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