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History is making other's experiences our own.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: immigrate, emigrate, destitute, veteran, petition, annals, trek, homespun, tribulation, testamonial,

1. Explain: (a) times continued to be tough; (b) citing service to her country; (c) changed by the coming conflict; (d) dedicate the cornerstone; (e) celebrated in song and story; (f) trials and tribulations; (g) in consequence of this information.

2. As a result of Laura's warning Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon, the British and their Native allies were able to surprise and defeat the Americans at the encounter that became known as the Battle of Beaver Dam. Research this battle and write a brief account of it highlighting Laura's part in the episode

3. What is ironic about an American firm owning Laura Secord Inc.?

4. Select three words to describe Laura Secord and explain your choices.

5. Why do you think Laura's repeated appeals for recognition were regularly refused?


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