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History is a life well lived.

Review Questions

Siblings, bestowed, lament, munificent, perpetuate, hereditaments, largesse, mainstay, embargoes, plague, largesse, convey, lament, booteth, astute, bequeath.

1. Why was the gift of land most appropriate?

2. Why was Savery's dinner at Fort George coincidental?

3. Why would the legislators of Upper Canada laud Brock's "disinterested administration" of the province?

4. Explain: (a) this mortal house; (b) financial mainstay; (c) munificent grant; (d) purporting to be; (e) embargoes on British goods.

5. 6. (a) What is patriotic history? (a) Why is it inevitably about heroes?

6. History is a life well-lived. Do you think a life has to be well-lived to make history?

7. History is a life well lived. Would you say that Brock's life was well lived? Why or why not?


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