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History is a pattern of timeless moments.

Review Questions

intermittent, motto, batman, decisive, myth, legend, impetuous, auspicious, enshrined, authentic, embellish, portly, foresight, defects, pomp, rectify, sibling, ensigncy, odds, blanched, predecessor, memorialized, garrison, inauguration,

1. Explain: (a) band of felons; (b) perilous time; (c) obligatory banquet; (d) decorous disinterment; (e) obligatory act of loyalty; (f) project languished; (g) well-travelled remains; (h) pride not for profit; (i) acquire a taste for study; (j) patriotic history; (k) lions rampant; (l) faced with a shortfall; (m) a British precedent was needed.

2. (a) The obelisk was out! Why? (b) What does this tell you Upper Canadian attitudes in the 1850s?

3. (a) What is a boycott? (b) Why would some architects boycott the second competition? (c) What was ironic about their action?

4. What was 'a noble tribute to a soldier's fame'?

5. What characteristics of Brock were highly valued by the public?

6. Brock's monument is undoubtedly one of the finest if not the finest public memorial to any individual in Canada. (a) Do you think he deserved it? (b) Justify your response.

7. History is a pattern of timeless moments. (a) What is a timeless moment? Do the events in this narrative qualify for this designation?

8. Which of Brock's many honours do you think he would have treasured most? Explain.

9. Summarize the main theme and the most important details of this narrative


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