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History gives us antecedents and a place in time.

Review Questions

bailiff, chronological, ensign, magistrate, commissions, misadventures, privateers, straits, pallbearer, literary, blockade; receivership, brevet.

1. (a) To what was Napoleon referring when he described Britain as nation of shopkeepers? (b) How did this affect his treatment of Britain as his enemy?

2. Explain: (a) financial straits; (b) mast-heading; (c) breach of discipline; (d) aide-de-camp; (e)bailiff; (f) taught every interesting particular concerning my great uncle.

3. Courage came naturally to the Brocks. Explain.

4. The Brock family was exceedingly proud of Isaac's accomplishments. How do we know this?

5. At this period in time military commissions were purchased. (a) For whom could this be risky if not to say dangerous? (b) How does it differ from today's practice?

6. Explain: "Detroit and Queenston have always been household words in our home."

7. History gives us antecendents and a place in time. What does this mean?


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