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History is the intermittent appearance of commanding personalities.

Review Questions

Intermittent; motto; batman; decisive; myth; legend; impetuous; auspicious; patriotic history; enshrined; authentic; embellish; portly; foresight; defects; pomp; rectify; sibling; ensigncy; odds; blanched; predecessor; memorialized; garrison.

1. Rephrase the verse of poetry in a brief paragraph.

2. (a) Explain the statement: History is the intermittent appearance of commanding personalities and comment on how this applies to Brock. (b) provide an example of this other than Brock and explain your choice.

3. "In war nearly everything is a matter of hazard." (a) Why would this be true? (b) Cite a situation in the narrative that exemplifies this.

4. Explain: (a) some even thought him rash; (b) too prodigal of that life so needed by all; an authentic hero; (d) Brock shared a similar fate; (e) the Brock family fed the armed forces; (f) ague and fever; (g) memorialized by stately shafts; (h) a significant date for Brock; (i) without a tremor of suppressed emotion; (j) shared kindred columns; (k) seized with fresh spirit and spurred to renewed exertion; (l) the times destined him for fame; (m) a name to conjure with.

5. (a)When challenged to a duel how did Brock reduce the odds? (b)What did his proposal reveal about Brock?

6. What made Brock an excellent officer?

7. Explain the significance and implication of the statement, "His (Brock's) life was saved wondrously."

8. (a) "All of history's heroes required the great moment." What do you infer from this? (b) Decide on Brock's great moment and justify your choice. (c) Without his 'great moment ' would Brock in your estimation have become as famous as he did? Defend your answer.

9. What is a stirrup cup?

10. How did Brock embellish the Canadian chronicle?

11. Why do you think patriotic history would be about heroes?

12. Brock dared to face the

13. How does this narrative illustrate the above definintion of history?


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