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History deals with our lives as social beings.

Review Questions

Insipid, desolation, camaraderie, palisade, bastion, stockade, loopholed, ramparts, magazine, decanter, tenure, fortnight, nostalgic, enthralled, cataract, blissful, nectar, intrepid, bard

1. Why did Brock find life at Ft. George lonely?

2. How did Brock attempt to impress upon his brothers the extent of the loneliness of his situation?

3. Why could 'glitter and glamour' always be found at the garrison?

4. Why do you think Moore was so welcome?

5. Describe an imaginary evening at the fort with Moore in attendance.

6. How did Moore 'pay' for his hospitality?

7. Sketch a rudimentary fort and include each of the following parts: bastions; stockade; loopholes; rampart; palisade; ditch; blockhouse; magazine; parapet.

7. Explain: (a) ere slumber's chain has bound me; (b) the very nectar of life; (c) where the foot of man never trod since time began; (d) insipid life; (e) those blissful days; (f) his fame had preceded him; (g) fits and starts; (h) social cast; (i) cut short his tenure; (j) a fortnight; (k) national bard of Ireland.

8. Find and read some of Moore's poetry.

9. History deals with the professional or official lives of famour persons. We all know of Brock the intrepid soldier. What do we know about him as a private person?

10. Briefly summarize the main idea and important details of this narrative.

11.Why would history deal with our lives as social beings?


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