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History is a chronicle of famous men and women.

Review Questions

Demise, laurels, foiled, meritorious, prodigal, paradox, ambulatory, lamented, deceased, tribute, commemorative,

1. What is ironic about Brock receiving a knighthood?

2. What was taken into consideration when deciding that Brock should be given a knighthood?

3. His award declares that he was ''too prodigal of that life of which his eminent services had taught us to understand the value." What does this mean in simple language?

4. Explain: (a) lamented commander; (b) regretful tribute; (c) reconcile the wavering; (d) animate the masses; (e) never learned of these laurels.

5. What is particularly striking about the words on the plaque on the granite building where Brock was born?

6. Brock's memorial says he 'gloriously fell." Why 'gloriously'?

7. His conduct was characterized by imagination and daring. (a) Is this a good combination of characteristics for a military commander? (b) Justify your answer.

8. Why do you think national heroes are found not far from a battlefield?

9. (a) What did Wolfe and Brock have in common?

(b) How were their achievements different?

10. History a chronicle of famous men and women? True or False? Defend your answer.


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