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History reveals pieces of the puzzle.

Review Questions

Vocabulary watchword, motto, adage, romantic, threshold, realm, empire, fortify, seigneury, affix, invincible, founder, alliance, pelt, dominion, intrepid,

1.Explain: (a) kindred spirit; (b) defies comparison; (c) cover up the crime; (d) intermingled with mishap; (e) supernatural force; (f) for the grandeur of France; (g)

2. Justify the statement that misfortune followed La Salle to the very end.

3. Why would La Salle want to monopolize the fur trade?

4. Why do you think the Mississippi River was called the Father of Waters?

5. Is it fair to say that La Salle had extravagant ideas?

6. "A time so adventurous and romantic it required no colouring." Explain.

7. What made this period in France's history so colourful?

8. La Salle felt fate had beckoned him. Express this statement in another way.

9. Do you thing 'fate does beckon' a person to live her/his life in a certain way?

10. How would you go about firing up someone?

11. Write a brief description of La Salle.


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