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History is the world's court.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: turbulent, colonelcy, vain, encumbered, compensate, nobility, relinguish,

1. Explain: (a) cannon fodder, (b) quick to take off offense;(c)paying off his creditors; (d) seasoned soldier; (e) intrigued by exploration; (f) faint-hearted successor; (g) all the courage they could muster; (h) threatened the colony's lifeline; (i) in-fighting got out of hand; (j) domestic squabbles; (k) blazing new trails; (l) never found wanting; (m) encumbered with debt.

2. Why was Frontenac recalled and what occurred that resulted in his return?

3. What had happened that caused the French colony to be motivated by fresh hope?

4. Why would the English messenger be blindfolded?

5. What did Frontenac hope to achieve by arranging his elaborate reception for the blindfolded messenger?

6. What was the messenger's audacious demand and why was it considered audacious?

7. What was Frontenac's famous reply?

8 Frontenac showed audacity too. How?

9. Name and explain the figure of speech "wound like capillaries."

10. Describe the Frontenac of lore and legend.

11. The hour of trial hung in the balance. Say this in another way.

12. Enumerate Frontenac's strengths and weaknesses. Which do you think outweighs the other? Give reasons for your choice.

13. Some historian subscribe to the "great man" theory of history. What does that mean?

14. (a) Why do you thing Frontenac would have gazed 'longingly' at the St. Lawrence> (b) What does this tell you about the man?

15. Read the narrative on La Salle and then write a short note in which you compare and contrast the two men.


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