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History is the world's court.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: draconian, lamentable, expulsion, inflict, dispersion, deportee, repatriate, confiscate, apprehension, compatriot, cede, garrison, magnanimous, botched, divergent, incompatible,

1. Explain: (a) hard-headed; (b) Natives less notorious; (c) ferocity born of despair; (d)means of subsistence; (e) develop some strategem; (f) peremptorily refused; (g) the corpses were a testimonial; (h) potential allies; (i) a new war in the offing; (j) ignominious defeat; (k) much contested; (l) harassing the frontiers; (m) nominally British subjects; (n) the rank and file. (o) induce them to acquiesce; (p) misery was magnified; (q) reign of terror.

2. What tempered the climate of the seaboard settlements?

3. Why were some 'deported' to various locations and others 'repatriated to France?

4. (s) What is a draconian decision? (b) Do you think the word 'draconian' is appropriate in this instance?

5. Why do you think some American colonies objected strenuously to having the Acadians in their midst?

6. A reason is mentioned for the Acadians' expulsion that has nothing to do with their not wanting to pledge allegiance. What is it and why could it very well be true?

7. (a) What is an anomaly? (b) Explain the anomaly in the narrative.

8 Why would France have ceded Acadia to Britain?

9. The cold war became a hot one. Explain.

10. Bearing in mind all the the information contained in the narrative was the expulsion necessary in your estimation? Give reasons for your answer.

11. The French and the English wanted access to the Ohio Valley for different reasons. One wanted it for Natives and the beaver; the other for the axe and the plough. Explain.

12. The French and Native forces were perceptive enough to notice something that made their assault successful What was it?

13. The Acadians were "hostages to fate." Explain.

13. Acadians today may find the reporters' laudatory comments about Lawrence somewhat ironic. Why?


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