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History is the world's court.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: ally, consequences, unrelenting, opponents, firepower, ivincible, stormtroops, decimate, immunity, epidemics, esterminate, feud, vent, smoulder, fester, robust, transfix, harry, onslaught, taunt, awesome, bravado, donning, foretold, skirmish, astray, league, jeer, robust, brook, intrepid, insatiable, enrapture, portage, arquebus, assail, confederacy, truce, moratorium, palisade, sporadic, retaliate, commodity, intrigue, dread, elusive, ocre, barter, tawdry, embark, incessant, extinct, disperse, pilfer, fluctuate, petty. fjord,

1.(a) What is a saga? Write a saga of your own in which you describe your first encounter with the Natives of the new land.

2. Account for the extinction of the Beothuk.

3.(a) Compare the European and Aboriginal societies. (b) What were the strengths and the weaknesses of each?

4. Did the Europeans discover America? Justify your answer.

5. Who were the Six Nations? (b) Why was their confederacy described as 'loose'?

6. What is a moratorium? Why could the enemies of the Iroquois not trust a moratorium negotiated with one of the Iroquois tribes?

7. How did the Aboriginals adjust to their harsh surroundings.

8 (a) The Aboriginals are said to have lived in prehistoric times. (c) Why did prehistoric times end with the arrival of the Europeans?

9. Why did the arrival of the Europeans result in the breakdown of the Native society?.

10.(a) What is an impressive panorama? (b) How did Cartier commemorate this?

11 Why on earth would Champlain risk relations with the ferocious Iroquois by siding with less warlike Natives against them?

12. Write a vivid description of the confrontation in the land of the Iroquois.

13. Fur trading funded the settlement in Quebec but also hindered its early development. Explain.

14. (a) What is an anthropologist? (b) Why are anthropologists in conflict with some Aboriginals?

15. What was more potent by far than the whiteman's firepower?

16. Explain: (a) invincible stormtroops; (b) unrelenting raids; (c) the empire that beckoned Europeans; (d) espousing the cause of the Algonquins; (e) bloody repercusions; (f) awesome uproar; (g) taunting laughter; (h) avenge a real or imagined insult; (i) contrary to the established practice; (j) westward urge; (k) hairy quarries; (l) sons of the fjord; (m) history a document-bound discipline; (n) more equalitarian.


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