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History is the world's court.

Review Questions

Review Questions

Vocabulary tactics, trounce, puckered, ruse, succumb, seer, onslaught, insurrection, dissident, furtive, garrison, coalition, hue, affilation, vindictive, plotted ally, vain.

1. Name and explain any two figures of speech in the narrative.

2. Both the French and the English occupied land claimed by the Natives. Why did they accept the French but not the English?

3. Explain: (a) besieged the fort without effect; (b) incited all nations; (c) encroaching English settlers; (d) furtive plan; (e) stirred the blood of his listeners; (f) a change of tactics; (g) not for fur but for farms; (h) the jig was up; (i) decided to bury the hatchet.

4. Pontiac used a a ruse to enter the fort. Describe it.

5. Pontiac is faulted by some historians for his duplicity. What does this mean and do you agree or disagree?

6. Pontiac fought with discernment. What does this mean?

7. Why do you think Pontiac refused to join the dissidents?

8. The Natives were incited to fight by the French. What does this mean and how would the French accomplish this?

9. Why do you think Pontiac was famous in the annals of Upper Canada?

10. Pontiac was described as being proud, warlike, easily offended and vindictive. Which of these characteristics contributed most to his fame? Justify your answer.


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