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"There was something so majestic, so dignified, and yet so mild in his countenance."

Review Questions

Vocabulary: flora, fauna, sadistic, charismatic, sagacious, sachem, treaty, heritage, pantaloons, encroach, paean.

1. Explain: (a) a cascade of past events; (b) no difficulties deterred him; (c) the want of letters; (d) an eloquent tongue; (e)preoccupied with people rather than things; (f)pan-Indian alliance; (g) insatiable hunger; (h) the extinction of their way of life "written on the wind"; (i) pathetic pattern; (j) made to smart; (k) punitive treaties; (l)peace parley; (m) to ensure an absolute redress.

2. "Stole like spirits through the woods." Name and explain this figure of speech?

3. (a) How did Tecumseh's death differ from Brock's? (b) Why was his more appropriate for him?

3. Many of the sachems sold land to the whiteman. (a)Evaluate their decision to do this by giving reasons to support or oppose their decision.

4. How was Tecumseh different from most other sachems? (a) What was his solution? (c) What consequences followed from his solution?

5. What was Joseph Brant's hope and expectation? Was it reasonable? Why did it not work?

6. Indian superintendents said it was difficult to deal fairly with the Natives? (a)Why and what does this tell you about the times?

7 A philosophy of life is an overall vision or attitude toward life and the purpose of life. (a)Describe and evaluate Tecumseh's philosophy.

8. Explain:

9. Justify using the name 'veteran' to describe Tecumseh.

10 How were attacks on 'difficult' Aborigines justified by the American leaders?

11. How does the definition: "History is the world's court" apply to this narrative?

12. Describe Tecumseh.

13. What characteristic of Tecumseh's appealled most to whitemen?

14. Identify these two figures of speech and select two others from the narrative. "failure to fight" & "homes and heritage".

15. Explain: Two strong men stand face to face though they come from the ends of the earth.

16. Explain the following quotations from Mair's poem: (a) the passionate or calm pageants of the skies, No artist drew; (b)the prairie realm - vast ocean's paraphrases; (c) flowers, Unnamed, save in mute Nature's inventory.

17. Identify two figures of speech in the quotes given in question number 16.

18. (a) Who is Mair calling a 'civilized barbarian'? (b) What was the barbarian doing when he 'trenched for gain'?

19. Explain these quotes taken from Mair's paean to Tecumseh: (a)unsheltered traveller in sad solitudes; (b) yearner or Wyandot or Cherokee.


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