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History is the world's court.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: broker, coalition, interloper, extirpate, epidemic, encroachment, intermediary, deportment, strategist, stamina, shrift, successor, unify, commission, besiege, wreak, terminate, decline, alien, genteel, benevolent, welfare, tract, transaction, imperil,

1.Explain: (a) dictates of justice; (b) convert to Christianity; (c) prolonged petitions; (d) all and sundry; (e) conspiring Americans; (f) disaffected people who might injure Government; (g)ardent advocate of Iroquois sovereignty; (h) rid the land of alien interlopers; (i) whites encroaching on the little land they had left.

2. What lifestye was no longer viable? Why?

3. Why might one say in connection with Brant's 'victory' that he won and he lost?

3. The present-day conflict at Caledonia is not unrelated to the land grant Brant received. Explain.

4. What imperilled the existence of the tribe?

5. What was Joseph Brant's hope and expectation? Was it reasonable? Why did it not work?

6. Give two reasons why Haldimand was so ready to respond positively to Brant's request for land?

7 Was the British government obligated to replace the land their allies lost? Why or why?

8. Why was Brant honoured and feted by the leading men of London?

9. Why did the Iroquois support the British rather than the Americans in the revolutionary war?

10. Why did Brant differ from Pontiac as far as his attitude towards the whites?


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