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History is the world's court.

Review Questions

History reveals pieces of the puzzle.<.p> Review Questions

Vocabulary:compensate, adorn, confederate, buffer, wampum, cater,catapult, encroachment.

1. What 'dilemma remains the same'?

2. 'Pontiac's rebellion 'burst into flames'. (a) Write a brief note on this rebellion. (b) Name the figure of speech used in this expression and explain it.

3. Explain: "British plans for the braves was defensive not offensive."

4. Why did the Indian Department become more important following the Chesapeake Affair?

5. Why do you think Britain wanted a buffer zone between the American and the Canadian settlements?.

6. How did the Aboriginals pledge their word?

7. What did the treaties signify 'forever'?

8. Why do you think it would be natural for the Aboriginalpeople to use such expressions as 'like the rainbow the treaties would beam unbroken'?

9. Why would the Native peoples be prepared to give away so much important and valuable land for such seemingly trifle objects?

10. What pieces of the puzzle do the events in this narrative reveal


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