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History is economics in action.

Review Questions

entrepreneur, smuggle, petitioned, entice, tarry, cataract, capitalize, encounter, yeoman, acquitted, cited, harassment, uncouth, hapless, viands, unwitting, pantaloons, arbitrary, censure, despot.

Review the following questions before reading the narrative, and answer them after completing it.

1. (a) What is an entrepreneur and why does Niagara Falls attract them?

2. (b) What is their chief challenge?

3. What event drew great crowds and why could it not happen today?

4. Explain: (a) double agent; (b) self-serving; (c) viands from every land; (d) arbitrary acts; (e) huckster hoteliers; (f) tourist trap; (g) viands from every land; (h) severely censured; (i) monopolize tourist trade; (j) lost its lure; (k) joined the chorus; (l) endangered by a military despot; (m) arbitrary acts.

5. Was Forsyth a good businessman? Give three reasons to justify your answer.

6. Explain the cause and consequence of the outrage of Niagara.

7. Mention of a military despot tells us what about Governor Maitland?

8. Briefly summarize the main theme and the important details of this narrative.


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