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History is a chronicle of half-remembered events.

Review Questions

reparation, beneficiaries, commandeered, squall, flank company; commendation, reimbursement, ultimatum, chagrin, avenge, expropriated, commendation, damages, hierarchy, beneficiaries, fanfare, expropriated, indulgence, summarily, homestead, curt, lamented.

1. What importance did Simcoe attach to Fort Niagara? Why?

2. (a) Was he justified in reinforcing defences at Fort Niagara? Give reason(s) to support your answer. (b) What did his eagerness to do so tell you about Simcoe?

3. Crooks benefited from and suffered at the hands of the military. Explain.

4. Explain the following phrases: (a) avenge the family; (b) received commendation; (c) claims were less rewarding; (d) submitted for reimbursement; (e) sudden squall; (f) duly expropriated; (g) unexpected ultimatum; (h) summarily ordered; (i) precipitate removal; (j) grant an indulgence.

5. Why did Crooks' beneficiaries receive a reparation payment from the United States government?

6. Explain "a great deal of fanfare from the press."

7. (a)"With all convenient speed" was a useful wording to insert in the treaty. Why? (b) Did Britain withdraw from Fort Niagara with all convenient speed?

8. Justify the name Thundergate.

9. Why is the expression "to add insult to injury" used in connection with the government's refusal to grant mill sites to the Crooks?

9. Briefly summarize the main theme and the important details of this narrative.


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