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History is a pageant for the purpose of satisfying our curiosity.

Review Questions

pageantry, bicentennial, arsenal, trepidation, relinquish, siege, fortifying, revelry, incorporation, beguile, scrounge, .

1. (a) What Europeans preceded the English in this area? (b) Why do you think they established a post there?

2. "Those wily craftsmen that could circumvent the laws of Nature, and beguile her wealth into their packs." (a) Who were the 'wily craftsmen'? (b) Explain what they were able to do?

3. (a) How did Britain acquire ownership of the land on which York was founded? (b) Was it a good or a bad deal for the Natives? Justify your answer.

4. Governor Simcoe's plans were once again frustrated. Explain.

5. (a) How did the capital city get its name? (b) Why do you think it was changed to Toronto?

6. Record an imaginary entry for Mrs. Simoce's diary describing what she saw and heard when first she viewed the site of Upper Canada's new capital.

7. Why were the Aborigines impressed by Simcoe's son?

8. Briefly summarize the main theme and the important details of this narrative.

9. (a) What did the Natives mean by 'rekindle the fire' and 'whose chimney would be strong and never extinguished'? (b) What figure of speech is this?

10. Describe the historical pageant played out here.


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