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History is the actual drama of actual people who are no more.

Review Questions

contraband, gaiters, grenadier, embellish, amity, induce, carnage, barricades, rally, decimated, panorama, beachhead, bombard, breach, fusillade, salvo, breastworks.

1. Explain the meaning of : (a) don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes; (b) a Pyrrhic price for victory; (c) broken country good for light infantry tactics; (d) bounty money; (e) prevent any disorders; (f) exaltant anger; (g) battle honours .

2. (a) Why were desertions so high? (b)Who were 'crimps' and what were they expected to do?

3. The Battle of Bunker Hill is famous and infamous. Explain

4. The Americans won even though they were routed. Why?

5. What mistakes did the British generals make?

6. How could identifying regiments with English counties motivate men to sign up?

7. (a)Explain the motto of the 'Shiners.' (b) What was unique about this regiment?

8. (a) What is a 'wasting broadside'? (b)What would be a soldier's natural reaction to it? (c) What was the consequence of this natural reaction at the Bunker Hill battle?

9. What were the 'facings' and what was their purpose?


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