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History is a record of humankind in war and peace.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: camouflage, breeches, warrant, sniper, salvoes, plumed, emblazoned, awesome, manoeuvre, wheeling, ramparts.

1. Explain: (a) maniacal martinet; (b) senseless manoeuvre; (c)motley collection; (d) weird wear for war; (e) rode to the Whitehouse; (f) fusillade ripped through their ranks; (g) marked time; (h) battle honours; (i) facings; (j) foster fierce regimental pride; (k) a flash in the pan (l) conspicuous valour;

2. Why did the Americans claim they had won the War of 1812?

3. What did the Battle of New Orleans really prove?

4. (a) What was the most effective type of warfare in colonial conflicts? (b) the least effective; (c) Why? (br)

5. What did General Packenham's failure in an independent command seem to suggest?

6. What determined the strength of the British military in Canada?

7. Why did soldiers wear such colourful uniforms at this time?

8. Andrew Jackson rode his victory at New Orleans to the Whitehouse. What does this mean?


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