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History is shot through with passion.

Review Questions

mortification, gallant, sharpshooter, garrison,reprimand, mauled, bequeath, indignation, sullen.

1."The voices of troops are always silent." Why?

2. Is it fair for a commander to blame his troops for a defeat? Justify your answer.

3. Define irony. What is ironic about Brock's concern for "civilized etiquette"?

4. What inspires bold bravery?

5. (a) Was Hull right to surrender without fighting? (b) Evaluate his decision to do so.

6. (a) Compare the effect the victory at Detroit had on (a) Upper Canadians? (b) American onlookers?

7. It might be said of the 41st that it had a chequered career. Why?

8. Explain: (a) killing kindred people; (b) military camaraderie; (c) mass of manoeuvre; (d) reproach and censure; (e) bore eloquent renown; (f) robbed of their inheritance; (g) wretchedly officered; (h) in dire straits; (i) demoralized men; (j) called to account; (k) fostered defeatism; (l) faulty tactical arrangements; (m) heart-felt vote of thanks; (n) robbed of their inheritance.

9. (a) What is a court-martial? (b) Despite "failing to prepare for his retreat, making faulty tactical arrangements and erring in judgement and execution," Procter was given only a reprimand. What is that and was it sufficient? (c) Why or why not?

10. Why was Procter's departure from the battle scene "accompanied by controvery"?

11. Why do you think the defeat at Detroit would be particularly galling for Americans?

12. What are a regiment's Colours and battle honours?

13. The American onlookers at the victory march displayed many emotions. Why was one of them apprehension?


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