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History is the saga of soldiers.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: haversacks, manoeuvre, orchestrate, gully, judicious, disperse, gully, facings, battery, repulse, vile, contagion, pivot, consecrate, ensign.

1. Explain: (a) raison d'etre; (b) avoid the contagion; (c) nipped in the bud; (d) emblazoned on the colours; (e) saga of soldiers; (f) vulnerable to attack; (g) a set piece battle; (h) colours were consecrated; (i) trooping the colours; (j) rallying point.

2. (a) What was the 'heart' of a regiment? (b) What figure of speech is this and why is it a good one?

3. What are battle honours?

4. Why fight so valiantly for a 'moth-eaten' rag?

5. What effect would the cry 'Revenge the general' have on the soldiers?

6. From the information provided compare Brock and Sheaffe as miliary leaders.

7. What were the 'troubles' in America?

8. (a) What is a set-piece battle? (b)Why were there so few opportunities for 'set-piece' battles in Canada?

9. (a)"History is the saga of soldiers." (b) What does this mean? (c) Do you think it is true or false? Defend your answer.


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