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History shapes the world we which we live.

Review Questions

enticements, court-martial, consternation, sentinel, disband, hussar, guerrilla, garrison, complement, infrastructure, accoutered, miasma, palisade, skirmish,malaria, bowers; armour..

1. How did Simcoe's choice of colour for the Rangers' uniform reflect his training of the troops?

2. Explain: (a) burthen to the community; (b) accoutered for concealment; (c) fever and ague; (d)from nowhere to nowhere; (e) no sentinel was ever surprised; (f)suited(g) for field and stream; (h) sniping parties; (i) strategic military routes; (j) commemoration of his father.

3. (a) When Simcoe said the troops would be educated "sufficient for their station" what did he mean? (b) What does this tell you about the times?

4. (a) Why do you think some pioneers resented Simcoe use of the troops? (b) In your estimation who was right? Defend your answer.

5. What does the serious degree of desertion tell you?

6. Why did critics describe Simcoe's Dundas St. as a road from nowhere to nowhere?

7. The Ranger were trained for ambuscade. Explain.

8. Is Simcoe's advertisement for volunteers a good one? Why or why not?

9. What name today describes the Rangers?

10. Vivant Rex et Regina is Latin for Long Live the King and Queen. Why do you think 'queen' is included in this salute?

11.Why would the Americans be more likely to deal harshly with captured Loyalists than regular British soldiers?

12. (a) What would have been the superstructure of Upper Canada at this time? (b) While Upper Canada's Rangers were fighting soldiers, their primary function was to build the superstructure of the new colony. Some described this new function as an example of the Rangers "beating their swords into ploughshares." Explain.

13. "History shapes the world in which we live." How is this definition relevant to this narrative?


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