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History is a guide to enlightened citizenship.

Review Questions

un-accoutred, patriotism, valor, defaulter, machetes, demeanor, array, fusil, wanton, scruples, manoeuvres, animated, induce, attribute, bulwark, grist, insurrection, criterion, legend, pillar, universal, myth, provisioning, comprehensive, sedentary, embody.

1. (a)Describe the reverse (left) side of the medal and explain the significance of its symbols.

2. Upper Canada was being preserved from what by what?

3. What is the militia myth?

4. Explain: (a) succumbed to the inevitability of an American conquest; (b) flank companies; (c) the exigencies of His Majesty's service; (d) embodied militia; (e) iron was in their blood; (f) the bulwark of the colony and the resource of its power; (g) avoid the bad consequences of a conspicuous dress; (h) the myth became the gospel truth; (i) bear arms; (j) conscientious objector. .

5. (a) How did Brock seek to inspire the militiamen to serve their sovereign? (b) What impact would this have on most of these men? (c)What did Brock exhibit when he used this approach?

6. John Strachan's praise and admiration of the militia promoted patriotism. Explain.

7. (a) Why might a force based solely on the militia have been unreliable? (b) Conscientious militiamen were torn by conflicting demands and responsibilities. Explain.

8. (a) Explain how this narrative illustrates that 'history is a guide to enlightened citizenship'.

9. What was the greatest cause of death among soldiers in those days? Why?

10. Explain the differences between sedentary and embodied militiamen.


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