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History is a way of experiencing at second hand all kinds of human behaviour.

Review Questions

allegiance, disband,militia, rescind, riding, en route, hatter, commissary, pillory, devious, staunch, picturesque, indefatigable, repatriate, frontier, constituents, irreparable, baronet, disdain, treasonous, tainted, counterfeiting,

1. Select any five of the 'founding brothers' and describe their contribution to the colony .

2. Why was Simcoe doubtful about democracy?

3. Explain (a) "levelling tendencies;" (b) newly acquainted with power; (c) exciter of sedition; (d) shafts of malice; (e) sentence was waived; (e) quasi-military; (f) lived in a feudal sort of way (g) sour him on society; (h) .

4. Why might Simcoe have expected these men to have democratic inclinations?

5.(a) Why was Simcoe satisfied with the Members after the first session? (b)What does this tell you about the attitudes of the Members during the session?

6.Explain "add their mite to the splendour and glory of the Empire."

7.Which 'brother' impressed you the most? The least

8.Give two interpretations of the statement, 'it was good to know the governor'?


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