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History holds a mirror up to the dusty documents of the past.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: corrupt, rectify, pesky, baize, dilapidated, allege, millstone, repercussions, voluminous, patronage, toady, patronize, graces, approbation, cavalier, conciliation, confrontation, hierarchy, autocrat, ineptitude, disdain, lordling, pinchback, prerogative, aristocracy, naive, headstrong, anonymously, allegation, doggerel, satire, humiliate,

1. "Let us hear as little of you as possible." If this is true, what does it tell you: (a) about the Colonial Office attitude towards the colonies? (b) about the lieutenant governors in the colonies?

2. (a) When did colonial affairs begin to receive British government attention? (b) Why would this be the case?

3. (a) What differentiated John Graves Simcoe from most of our lieutenant governors? (b) What does this tell you about Simcoe?

5. Explain: (a) at the pinnacle of colonial society; (b) power was never exercised in a vacuum; lieutenant governors were only birds of passage; (d) eager to pour into his weak and willing ears: (e) unless perverted to their own credit. (f) the colony was in danger of becoming a recreation for British officials.

6.(a) Describe the role of an agent. (b) Why was it ineffective in Upper Canada?

7. Assess Mackenzie's grievances and indicate which you think was the most important? Why?

8. What is a scapegoat? How could finding one help 'take the heat off' the government?


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