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History with a message.

Review Questions

elite, tradition, ally, hierarchy, vulnerable, synonymous, reproach, counterproductive, opted, orchestrated, overlapping, exclusive, judicial, disdainfully, quartered, august, compliance, imposed, personified, petitioned, undercut, grievances, sedition, instigation, blatantly, discriminatory, authoritarian, culminated, shenanigans, impervious, infuriated, integrity, perpetrators, tempered, alleged, insurrection, incitement, disaffected, belatedly, conciliation, collaboration.

1. Why do you think the elite were so agitated by the actions of Robert Gourlay?

2. Do you consider Gourlay a responsible critic or an irresponsible agitator?

3. Explain: (a) hardened conservative attitudes; (b) removed the velvet glove exposing the mailed fist; (c) synonymous as terms of contempt; (d) overlapping appointments (e) the rebellion fizzled; (f) fear mongering; (g) too extreme an application of the law could be counterproductive.

4. What is wrong with individuals having overlapping appointments?

5. Why was Upper Canada considered to be in a 'vulnerable' position?

6. What were the extreme democratic principles the elite wanted to keep out of Canada?

7. How did the Family Compact endeavour to pacify the people of the province?

8. (a) Why did the leading moderate Reformers retire from the field?

9. (b) Criticize this action.

10. If Bond Head and the Family Compact were so objectionable, why did the people of the province give the Tories an overwhelming majority in the Assembly in the 1836 election?

11. How did people of the province show their understanding if not support for the rebels?

12. Was Mackenzie right or wrong in fomenting the rebellion?

13. What is wrong with having a close connection between those who make the law and those who enforce it?

14. Explain: Fractured Canadian political system.

15. In this instance, what was history's message?

16. Briefly summarize the main theme and the important details of this narrative.

17. This is history with a message. What is it?


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