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History chronicles matters of timeless importance.

Review Questions

console, enlightened, cultural, licentious, assimilate, imperial, exploit, pacify, tithe, regime, formulators, uniformity, appease, headwaters, covet, preamble, equitable, ordain, effectual, constitute, allegiance, clamour, cure.

1. (a) Explain: (a) cultural fabric; (b) licentious fanatics; (c) representative government; (d)completely assimilating the French Canadians; (e) seigneurial tenure of land; (f) collect tithes; (g) oath of allegiance; (h) encroachments on their traditional hunting grounds; (i) an equitable method of dealing with the Indians; (j) with the advice and consent of the members of the Council; (k) in the wake of the British army; (l) reflect on how that defines us.

2.The Quebec Act was based on good intentions. What were they?

3. The act deprived them of their rights as Englishmen. (a) What were these rights? (b) How were the feelings of the merchants assuaged?

4.Why were the Americans so angry about a decision that did not have anything to do with their colonies?

3. Premier Charest believes the Quebec Act defined 'the very essence of who we are.' What did he mean by this?

4. Name and explain the figure of speech "an already bubbling pot".

5. "For a time tranquility reigned." Why?

6. The Quebec Act was predicated on something happening. What?

7. How did the Quebec Act complicate the future development of Canada?

8. Why did Pitt divide Quebec? In your opinion, was he right to do so?

9. Why did the priests and seigneurs see the Quebec Act "as evidence of a considerate and liberal spirit"?

10.What is the foundation on which the Canadian partnership was originally built. (a) What is the partnership? (b) On what was foundation?


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