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History is subjective and individual, conditioned by the vision of the historian.

Review Questions

Vocabulary ignominously, amiable, enthral, chronicle, posthuma, indefatigable, memorialize, melancholy, whist, pageantry, marquee, spillway, primordial

1.Mrs. Simcoe played an important part in the history of early Upper Canada. How?

2. Life was difficult in the backwoods of the colony even for the wife of the governor. Why was Mrs. Simcoe so well suited for the role?

3. The Simcoes had to adapt to circumstances as they found them. Indicate ways in which they did this.

4. In many ways Mrs. Simcoe was like a modern woman. In other ways she was not. Explain.

6. Describe Mrs. Simcoe.

7. People being the way they are, tensions sometimes developed among the small group that inhabited this outpost. Why would this occur and give an example of it.

8. Explain: (a)revelled in the role. (b) cannot support the fatigue; (c) presided with pomp, paint and pageantry; (d) untamed corner of the globe; (e) enjoying the moment; (f) over which she and the governor presided; (g) "girls enough!"; (h) thrilled by her position.

9. Give a reason why, perhaps, Mrs. Simcoe did not refer to her last born child in her diary.


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