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History documents encounters between character and circumstance.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: assiduous; genial; atrociously; fortnight; intimidated; feisty; detonatio, calashe, .

1. History documents encounters between character and circumstance. Indicate how this applies to Mrs. Simcoe.

2. Mrs. Simcoe found the society 'genial.' Why was that to be expected? '

3. Explain: (a) serenely self-confident; (b) insatiable curiosity; (c) belittling disdain; (d) vulnerable to shot and shell; (e) her ferver never flagged; (f) petticoat rule; (g) taking tea; (h) without redress; (i) patronizing condescention; (j) picturesque eye; (k) succumb to the call of the irresistable call of the current; (l) eminent guest; (m)pomp for the prince.

4. Why would settlers from the United States be more resentful of Mrs. Simcoe's superior attitude than settlers from Britian?

5. Put yourself in the place of the Simcoes and describe your feelings as you are about to view for the first time in this primitive place the great falls of Niagara.

6. Why was Mrs. Simcoe an ideal recorder of the wilds of our province in 1792?

7. What details are provided about the characteristics of Mrs. Simcoe which might have made her popular to some other residents..

8. Why was the eminent guest unwelcome by the Simcoes?


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