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History is a witness to the passing of time.

Review Questions

Vocabulary ingrained, anguish, neuralgia, siege

1. Simcoe's reason for leaving Upper Canada was perhaps more mental than physical. Explain.

2. (a)What does "a wrenching experience" mean? (b) Why do you think leaving was so difficult for Elizabeth?

3. How can history be a witness to the passing of time?

4. Why do you think Simcoe's acceptance of the Haitian assignment surprised Elizabeth?

5. Explain: (a) fallen in the breech; (b) rag tag force; (c) brazen breech of the border; (d) returned in a huff; (e) lament her loss; (f) the dash of a Simcoe; (g)intrepid portrait; (h) given her name to the letters and locations; (i) household words; suffered the same fate; (j) fevered climate; (k) interred by torchlight.

6. The British government as well as Elizabeth believed a military man was needed in the Canadian colonies. What might have been their reasoning for this?

7. (a) Why do you think Elizabeth's description of the governorship of Canada was a "thankless task?"

8. (a) What was Elizabeth Simcoe's legacy to Canada? (b) Why is it important?

9. Describe Elizabeth Simcoe.

10.(a) What does "married beneath her station" mean? (b) What does this tell you about Elizabeth's daughters?


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