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History deals with the world man has fashioned for himself.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: linguistic, wampum, parchment, kickback, corpulent, mayhem, dispersion, concealment, legend, legacy,

1. (a)How do you reconcile the two descriptions of John Butler?

(b) Which might be somewhat biased?

2. What kind of world did John Butler fashion for himself?

3. What is a figure of speech? Select, name and explain any figure of speech in the narrative.

4. Why do you think Mrs. Butler chose to remain in her home in rebel country?

5. What does "use the Natives offensively" mean?

6. Why do you think Britain changed its policy regarding Native fighters and decided to use them offensively?"

7. They provided "the stuff of legend as well as history." Create examples to reveal the difference history and legend.

8. (a) Why was Butler esteemed by the Native leaders? (b) Why did his leadership leave no the legacy of respect among those he commanded?

9. His name has been preserved in perpetuity. Explain.

10. What tactical changes were made by European soldiers as a result of their contact with the Aboriginal warriors?

11. Daring not discipline was required by guerrilla fighters. Why?

12. Butler knew the Aborigines well and was highly regarded by them, but was denied promotion to the top job with Indian Affairs. How do you explain this?

13. Assess the historical importance of John Butler to Ontario's history.

14. Explain: (a) growing infirmities; (b) guerilla-type organization; (c) monopolize Loyalist trade; (d) ongoing rivalry; (e) snail-like negotiations; (f) mysterious omen of evil; (g) across the Styx; (h) devastating forays; (i) avenge the mayhem.


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