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History reveals pieces of the puzzle that legend ignores.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: fiasco; sardonic; wit; monarchical; memoirs; privation; disparaging; aristocrats; haughtily; grandiose ambitions, dormer.

1. Why did Puisaye leave France?

2. How did Puisaye become involved with British officials?

3. When Henry Dundas described Puisaye's plan as "an adventure," what did he mean?

4.(a) Why were the French emigres sent to Upper Canada? (b) What was the result of their venture an why did it fail?

5. Write a brief character sketch of Puisaye.

6. "Arming disciplined foreigners required deliberation." Who thought so and why did they feel this way?

7. Why do you think Puisaye left more enemies than friends?

8. Explain: (a) disparaging the work of other; (b) shift for themselves; (c) armed albeit reluctantly; (d) reluctant to mix with the masses; (e) counter-revolutionary movement.


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