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History reveals pieces of the puzzle.

Review Questions

synonymous, brooding, obnoxious

1. Explain: (a) tide-turning battle; (b) coined the phrase; (c) Rabble in Arms; (d) real or imagined slight; (e) one vulture receiving another; (f) payment for perfidy; (g) a nightmare march; (h) disdained residency in the rough; (i) dichotomy of feeling.

2. Arnold had a cause of his own. What was it?

3. Why is the 2nd Battle of Saratoga considered the most critical victory in American history?

4. What made Arnold a popular leader?

5. Why do you think the British were happy that no monument to Benedict Arnold existed?

6(a) What were Arnold's strengths; (b)his weaknesses?

7. Explain: "Britain welcomed the defection more than the defector."

9. Explain the chief of intelligence officer's comment: to see if any treason was hanging about him.

10 "History reveals pieces of the puzzle." How does this definition apply to Benedict Arnold?

11. "The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft' interred with their bones." This quotation by Shakespeare is taken from his play Julius Ceasar. Explain how it applies to Benedict Arnold.


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