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History is a guide to enlightened leadership.

Review Questions

propriety, imposes, conscientious, unencumbered, florid, pirouetted, subverted, caprice, malice, diversification, traditions, inimical, malevolence, caprice, implicit, calumnies, contrariness, republican, mortification, undaunted, fortitude.

1.(a) What is 'enlightened leadership?'
(b) Do you think Cartwright's life was a guide to enlightened leadership? Why or why no?

2. What is meant by: (a) unquenchable thirst for knowledge; (b) conversing sensibly; (c) caprice is the only rule; (d) usurped authority; (e) distress is exhibited that power guided by malice can produce; (f) military provisioning; (g) mutually to assist and play into each other; (h) his opposition springs from the spirit of vanity and sordidness rather than from any disaffection; (i) sentiments diametrically opposite to the British constitution; (j)inimical to the government; (k) unencumbered by florid phrases; (l) all government is subverted.

3. (a) Quote an example of Cartwright's 'stirring prose.'

4 (a) Explain why the following quote is a good example of florid writing that "pirouettes about the business with curtsies and bows." "I must beg pardon for desiring you to decide upon that matter I did myself the honour of transmitting to you. Without which I shall feel myself under the very severe mortification of declining the trust, on the success or failure of which it is the general opinion that our future possession of Canada may ultimately depend."

4. (b) Re-write this paragraph without the 'curtsies qand bows'.

5. Simcoe said Cartwright's 'contrariness' was caused by his 'republican' education. What did he mean by this?

6. What did Simcoe's attitude towards Cartwright tell you about (a) Cartwright? (b) Simcoe?

8. (a) Why would Cartwright have despised himself if he acted differently?

9. According to the Colonial Office, what did one have to do in order to be entitled to the favour or atttention of the government?

10."Notwithstanding this plot, he does not scruple to say that he has his eye fixed" on a capital on the Thames. What did Cartwright find bizarre about Simcoe's plans for a capital?


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