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History is the study of the economic growth of people.

Review Questions


1. Define: affluence; entrepreneur; dastardly, fašade, apprentice, peltries; syndicate; defaulted.

2. Explain:(a) incongruously among modest, even mean pioneer dwellings; (b) outriders dunned debtors;(c) loathsome to lose.

3. Why was it necessary to open the 'west bank of the Niagara River'?

4. Simcoe had an ambivalent attitude towards Hamilton. What does this mean and why did it exist?

5. Why do you think merchants might have been 'obnoxious' to the settlers?

6. Explain: Hamilton gratified his "avarice, ambition and vanity."

7. Hamilton said his services would never be found wanting when the "business of fighting becomes for altars and firesides." When would such services be necessary?

8. Why do you think the Duc thought Hamilton a good kind of man for a new country?

9. What was the purpose of the outriders and why were they necessary?


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