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History shapes the world in which we live.

Review Questions

exodus, monarchist, persecution, nominated, consecrate, emigres, arduous, perilous, commission, disposition, notorious, disgruntled, girt, fabricate, animated, protocol, compromise, vindictive, petty, militant.

1. "Upper Canada was in legal and legislative limbo." Explain.

2. Elections then were like our fairs today. Why was this so?

3. (a)Why should Loyalists have been angered by Simcoe's policy of awarding large land grants to settlers from America? (b) Was their anger justified? Why or why not?

4. What is meant by the expression 'beating swords into ploughshares'? How did this apply to the Queen's Rangers?

5. In what ways did Upper Canada's first election differ from elections held in Ontario today?

6. What does David William Smith's use of the words 'mob' and 'peasants' tell you about him?

7. Explain: (a) lair of warriors; (b) notorious reputation; (c)a fit and proper person; (d) crown reserves; (e) clergy reserves; (f) chafed at his delay; (g) from scruples of conscience declined to bear arms; (h) conscientious objectors; (i) freehold land tenure.

8. Colonists from the United States made good settlers but they came at a price. Discuss.

9. What does Simcoe's nickname for the colony, 'dream province' tell you about him?

10. "A thousand details crowd upon my mind." Was this comment by Simcoe a good or a bad thing for the colony?

11. Why at this time would elections have extended over a number of days?

12. Why would Smith's minor slip of the lip, 'house of representatives' likely anger Simcoe?


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