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History is knowledge of the individual.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: obsequious, officialdom, plaintively, acquiesce, stoically, etiquette, poignant, counterparts, pretentious, mortification,sardonically, haughtily.

1.Explain the following phrases: (a) promotion not emoluments is more important to me; (b) feel himself under the very severe mortification; (c) wanted the substance, not the shadow of command; (d) his protests fell on deaf ears; (e) with all deference; (f) the rank he took to his rest; (g) add insult to injury; (h) put a good face on the situation; (i) which way the wind was blowing.

2. What does Simcoe's preoccupation with rank tell you about the man?

3. Why might the king have been reluctant to promote Simcoe?

4. Look up the hierarchy of military ranks starting with colonel.


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