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History records all kinds of human behaviour.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: inexplicable, perchance, copious, reimburse, accoutrements, squire, guinea.

1.(a) Why do you think the advertisement for recruits for the Queen's Rangers referred to them as "aspiring heroes?" (b)In what other ways were men enticed to enlist?

2.History records all kinds of human behaviour. What does Simcoe's preoccupation with compensation tell you about him?

3.Approximately how much money did Simcoe receive from his assignment as lieutenant governor of Upper Canada? (include salary, land fees and property receipts)

4. Explain: (a) copious correspondence; (b) a meagre amount; (c) accoutrements; (d) astute; (e) less than diligent; (f) the astute Mrs. Simcoe; (g) perish in pursuit of his country's interests; (h)his own private purse.


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