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History rests on evidence and other works surviving into the present.

Review Questions

insurrection, pacify, frugal, temperate, industrious, steadfast, efficacy, probity, fortitude, piety, inter, republicanism, democracy, exploits, tout, medallion, conspicuous, zeal, assiduity, nurture, plot

1.Why is Simcoe, an Englishman, unknown in England and celebrated in Ontario?

2.How do you think Simcoe would have rated his service in the solitude of Upper Canada in order of importance with his various other services for his sovereign? Justify your answer.

3. Explain: (a) unremitting zeal and assiduity; (b) eminently conspicuous; (c) pacify the population; (d) faint praise; (e) unshaken probity; (f) serving at its nadir as a stable; (g) right-of-way; (h) his labours and his legacy; (i) the efficacy of our private example; (j) faint praise.

4.Does Simcoe deserve the title a 'Maker of Canada'? Why or why not?

5. Define republicanism. Simcoe decried the 'excesses of republicanism'. To what was he referring specifically?

6. Why would Simcoe's first choice for a position be considered ironic?

7. We know why Simcoe's service in Upper Canada would have included activity, but why anguish?

8. Simcoe deserved a knighthood for his service to the sovereign. Suggest a reason or two why you think he was not given one by George III?

9. Why would Simcoe have referred to his colonial posting as a "species of banishment'?


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