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History changes with the impact of new beliefs, thoughts and reflections.

Review Questions

Vocabulary:treadmill, censure, vindicate, arbitrary, tyranny, fetter, manacle, rogue, rebel, patriot, humane, status, capricious, deliverance, persecute, navigator, exile, parole, hulk, claustrophobic, citizenship, depository, threshold, haunted, notorious, infamy.

1. Explain: (a) personal fiefdom; (b) muzzled the press; (c)deliverance from an iron hand; (d) temper the law with leniency; (e) suffer exemplary severity; (f) harebrained individuals; (g) the wit of man ever devised; (h) fettered and manacled; (i) vindicate his conduct; (j) uncharted waters; daily diet; (k) labour unrelenting (l) whose very stones were considered death-like.

2. The Upper Canadian inmates on the island were 'political' prisoners. What does this mean?

3. A rogue was used to catch a rogue. Explain this method of capturing escapees and tell why you think it was or was not likely to be successful.

4. What is meant by the statement that Canada was "vastly the poorer' for the loss of those who were exiled?

5. What was 'the day of retribution'?

6. Describe Sir George Arthur.

7. What is the difference between a rebel and a patriot? What converts a rebel into a patriot?

8. How has this history changed with the impact of new beliefs, thoughts and reflections?

9. The purpose of this punishment was to 'reclaim lost lives.' (a) What does 'reclaim' mean in this instance, and do you think the lives of those involved were reclaimed?

10 In a paragraph of no more than ten sentences write a description of Newgate prison.


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