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History is a pattern of timeless moments.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: revitalize, militia, cavalry, phantom, billeted, incursion, forestall, sifted.

1. Who were the Fenians and why did they decide to attack Canada West?

2. While the threat was taken very seriously at the time and the loss of Canadians killed in the subsequent battle was a tragic consequence, the Fenian foray is looked on to some extent as rather a comic conflict. Give several reasons that justify this point of view

3. What motivated the Americans to allow this attack on a neighbour to take place?

4. Explain: (a) fortunes and foibles; (b) fear is infectious; (c) indulgent eyes; (d) fanned feelings of hatred; (e) unstable demagogue; (f) a liberated Emerald Isle; (g) revitalized Fenians; (h) perplexed by these passive people; (i) British tyranny; (j) crazy call to arms; (k) laid back military manner; (l) marching menacingly toward them; (m) phantom like it retreats.

5. Why would this skirmish have stimulated Canadian patriotism?

6. One of the causes of confederation was fear of foreign invasions. Explain.

7. History is filled with timeless moments and this is one of them. Why does it have such signifance to Canadians?

8.What does the eye-witness account of the action add to the narrative?

9. How do we know the commander was new and very nervous?

10. Description such as sunny summer day, farmers' fields, daisies and buttercups beautiful day are provided as a contrast. To what?

11. How were the soldiers trained to meet the cavalry? Why?

12. Why do you think fear is infectious?

13. O'Mahony is an example of the saying, 'One person's terrorist is another person's patriot.' Explain.


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