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History rests on written records and pieces of evidence preserved from the past.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: conundrum, pioneer, bunting, consternation, opportunistic, cornerstone, hijack, sect, rebellion, centennial, incursion, raze, demolition, ironic, medallion, corduroy.

1. One purpose of the Arch was to "remind the present generation of the pride they should have in their nation's history." Why should we be proud of this aspect of our country's history?

2. What made the unveiling of the arch a particular source of "personal pleasure and pride" for Prime Minister Mackenzie King?

3. (a) What was there about the arch that disturbed him? (b) Why should it have made him angry? (c) What do we learn about the Prime Minister from this event?

4. Explain: (a) the conquest of ideas and ideals; (b) the great pilgrimage of men and women; (c) porous border; (d) the baby was thrown out with the bath water; (e) more hazardous than historic; (f) nature nullified; (g) rerun of their own revolution; (g)the cornerstone of the British Commonwealth of Nation; (h) more hazardous than historic; (i) manifest destiny; (j) porous border; (k) whose political doctrine is, we own the continent.

5. While the Upper Canada rebellion was "a mere incident in the history of Canada," it was a significant one. Why?

6. How might some of those who came help have hurt our cause?

7. What records and pieces of evidence were preserved here?


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