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History is shaped by the choices people make which are not always rational.

Review Questions

Vocabulary:gullibility, grievances,

1. Explain: (a) Mr. Mac's heavy book of lamentations; (b) urban rebel; (c) the allegiance of Upper Canada is fragile; (d) arch agitator; (e) unorthodox behaviour; (f) created a rift and a rage; (g) bribery rather than boldness; (h) ill-informed intervention; (i) pestilential people; (j) quarrel with your bread and butter; (k) the political physician had diagnosed the difficulty; (l) deadly upas.

2. Head left trailing the turmoil behind him. Express this in another way.

3. In what way were the Tories and the Reformers similar with regards to their relationship with the Imperial government?

4. Explain "Head may have stolen the election."

5. When Head said that "such tactics were not exactly according to Hoyle." what did he mean?

6. How did Head insure the voters would support his position?

7. It is suggested that Head caused more to occur in Upper Canada than he could ever know. What do you think this means?

8. Assess Head's "contribution to the development of Canada."

9. Do you think the honour bestowed on Head in the year of Canada's confederation was 'a tardy act of justice"?

10 Why did Head call Mackenzie 'the arch agitator'?

11. How does the statement: 'History is shaped by the choices people make which are not always rational' apply to this narrative?

12.5.Head referred to the Family Compact as the "bread and butter compact?" Why?


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