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History is knowledge of the individual.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: refurbish, rebel, liberty, democracy, freedom, pawn, impoverish, cascading, brunette, luxuriant

1. Mackenzie fired the first shot; his weapon was a newspaper. How could a newspaper be used as a weapon?

2. Mackenzie was described as a firebrand. Was this name appropriate? Justify your answer.

3. Explain: (a) a voracious reader; (b) reckless and improvident behaviour; (c) features reflecting the furies within; (d) meagre belongings; (e) looked less like a threat; (f) dire straits; (g) spiritual homeland; (h) fired his first salvos; (i) unremitting poverty; (j) embattled patriot; (k) dearly bought; (l) Celtic origin; (m) augured well or ill.

4. Explain in your own words, the mission statement of the Colonial Advocate.

5. (a) What is responsible government? (b) How can a house be the birthplace of responsible government in Canada?

6. What does the heading: "Services [to the people of Canada] dearly bought with hatred, hostility and exile" tell you about Mackenzie and his life?

7. Why would one want to 'flatter power'?

8. What made Mackenzie a 'formidable opponent'?

9. How could a cantankerous and quarrelsome little cad alter the destiny of a country?

10. How can our knowledge of this man help us to know history?


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