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History reviews the successes and failures of men and women.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: speculator, broadsheet, advocate, speculator, hypocritical, moderation, democracy, autocracy, Whig, radical, Tory, conservative, belligerent, ingratitude.

1. History reviews the successes and failures of men and women. How do you think history should review the efforts of Mackenzie?

2. He cannonaded the Compact with his newspaper? Name and explain this figure of speech.

3. What is a tribune? Did Mackenzie merit the name? Jusify your answer.

4. How did the 'common man and woman' show their support for Mackenzie.

5. Despite his public acclaim, he suffered from periods of black depression. Cite the quotation that describes a reason for his despair.

6. Explain: (a) persona non grata; (b) public critic; (c) hypocritical clergy; (d) caustic comments; (e) tools of a servile power; (f) villainous despots; (g) politics was his passion. (h) incriminating papers.

8. Why would members of the Family Compact disparage Mackenzie's medal?

9. What does the expression ' ink in his veins' signify to you?

10. What did his mother mean when she said she feared her son would 'read himself out of his judgement.

11. 'Throughout the years of pandemonium and persecution he was shielded by the powerful protection of public opinion.' Explain this in your own words.

12. What qualities did the public see in Mackenzie they esteemed?

13. Mackenzie's life represented the saga of a period. What does this mean and describe the period.

14. Mackenzie went from being a person of no consequensce to a persona non grata by being a public critic. Explain this sentence.

15. It was easy to understand the reformers' restless spirit.What was it?

16. It was more difficult to understand the belligerent Toryism of others in the same social scale. (a) What was their social scale? (b) Why was it difficult to understand them?

17. How do you explain why Whigs in England became Tories in Upper Canada?

18. Explain basking in the sunshine of official favour.


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