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History shapes the world in which we live.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: Give the best meaning of the following words and phrases as they are used in the narrative: capricious, dictates, primogeniture, arbitrary, renegades, martyr, avenged, atonement, stays, reparations.

1. Who do you think was most at fault in this border crisis? Defend your answer.

2. What was the diplomatic nicety that resolved the Caroline affair?.

3. Why might Lord Ashburton not have been the best person to mediate on behalf of Canada?

4. What motivated some Americans to assist Mackenzie and his patriots?

5. Buffalo citizens made a martyr of Durfree. What does this mean and why would they do it?

6. Explain the meaning of: (a) fired the border as well as the boat; (b) abortive rebellion; (c) languished under the blighting influence of military despots; (d) a constant stream of intelligence; (e) double horrors of fate; (f) from popular violence; (g) interest turned to apathy; (h) without using the force confided to you; (i) whatever the consequences; (j) stream of intelligence; (k)fancifully reported: (l) air tight alibi.

7. "History shapes the world in which we live." Explain how this bit of history helped shape our world.

8. It could be said in this instance that calmer heads prevailed. Explain.


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